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Coaching – learning happiness

Theodor Fontane took pleasure in the thought that “one could learn happiness”. From my point of view, you can.

Learning happiness has something to do with gradually clearing out everything that prevents you from happiness: Old stories that hold you back or beliefs that block you. Behavioral patterns that no longer serve you and negative fantasies that are in your way.

Through coaching we can work on all these things. I mostly use the methods of Logosynthesis. Through many years I have come to know them as the most effective. They help you to release energy that is bound in obstacles. That way you will be able to unfold better and better. Logosynthesis works direct, easy and fast. You can find out more about it here or in the following video.

Logosynthesis® is a method that directly addresses unconscious patterns and blockages. It is one of the so-called energy methods, which are becoming more and more popular in coaching and therapy.

They have a fast and lasting effect. What we cannot solve through thinking, we can change where the blockage or pattern is anchored. Further information about Logosynthesis can be found here.

What is Logosynthesis?