Sales training
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Sales training for sustainable sales


Every company and every team is different. That’s why I don’t believe in ready-made seminars. Therefore I develop individual seminar processes with my customers, exactly for their sales situation, their products and their clients. These are designed to have a lasting effect. After all, it’s all about output.


Most of all, we learn when we do the work ourselves. This also applies to sales training. That’s why a practical workshop is often more effective than a classic seminar. On the basis of practical cases and current topics, we work together to find solutions to the problems of your sales team.


Whether it’ s seminar actors, microlearning or measuring success. I am always looking for methods and tools to make seminar processes even more sustainable.
After all, the critical point is not the seminars, but what is implemented at the end.

motivating – activating – relevant to practice

I have been active in sales for around 25 years and work as an independent sales and negotiation trainer for 20 years. I have specialized in technical sales, i.e. sales from expert to expert, preferably in companies that care about ecology and sustainability. My main focus is the communication between people. Transparent and open, but also goal- and solution-oriented.

All topics can also be applied online in life-sessions and blended learning solutions! Find out more.

Three important milestones:

since 2000: sales and negotiation trainer B2B
since 2012: book author
since 2010: online seminars and blended learning


Further detailed information about Franziska Brandt-Biesler can be found here.

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Publications of Franziska Brandt-Biesler

Smart Selling B2B - Köpfchen statt Hardcore

Methods from the recipe book rarely work for professionals, but they appear to make life so much easier. 'It can be done without,' says sales trainer Franziska Brandt-Biesler,
'B2B sales is easy if you don't rely on recipes.'
In this book, she describes how smart, rather than hardcore salespeople, can build sustainable relationships with customers and do meaningful business.

So wird verkauft! Werteorientiertes Verkaufen mit den 9 Levels

Over the past 50 years, we experienced a major change in sales values. Personal relationships used to play a major role. Hard selling developed in the seventies, and since the breakthrough of the Internet, many sales transactions became anonymous. You will understand the current position of your team, your organization and your market and learn which are the next steps in the development of your sales.

Verkaufen und überzeugen mit Fragen

Asking the right questions is the most important part of any successful sales talk. Every salesperson knows that. And yet many still try to score points mainly with their own knowledge and prolonged monologues. However, those who don't listen, but only talk will not find out what motivates the customer. With 400 sales questions this book is guidebook and practical checklist at the same time.