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Coaching for your personal success

Some issues, problems and blockages cannot be solved by rational thinking. In my coaching sessions I support you in finding clarity, making decisions and overcoming obstacles - in professional and private situations. I use Logosynthesis® for this because it starts where things can really be changed.

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Sales consulting and coaching One to One

Are you great at what you do, but selling is not your thing? Or do you just want to work on your acquisition, conversation or negotiation techniques? I can support you with all your sales issues and concerns in One to One sales coaching.

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Online sales workshops for companies

My main focus in sales is to support companies that are really working on sustainable solutions, because anything else just doesn't make sense anymore. I have been coaching B2B sales teams, in technical sales, for over 20 years. Nowadays, my workshops and trainings take place online for ecological and didactic reasons. And it is important for me that everything we develop is 100% tailored to you, because that is the only way it works!

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Ideas for your success

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Tips and ideas to make your life happier?

A couple of times every year I write about life, change, development and other topics. Let yourself be inspired, get ideas and get your life moving.

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